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Vicki and George Mulak

35 years ago, Vicki and I (George) were concerned.  We saw that the Bible was not being taught in its entirety.  Parts were being left out or ignored.  The reason this is so important is because the Bible is a comprehensive book.  In other words, it must be interpreted and understood as all parts relate to each other, or in context.  The words, in context, are often used because the interpretation must be made with all the interelations in place, or in context.  Otherwise the meaning can be unclear or even wrong.

These things are important because we, as Christians, believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God to us as His created people.  His communication to us so that we might know Him better and learn His ways and walk in them.  The how to live is the important point here.

I like what Dr. Creasy used to say, that Jesus is in and on every page in every word.

It is my goal to provide you, not only with the podcasts that it took over 17 years to create, but tools to help in your own study of the Holy Scriptures.

We had been doing the Bible Studies for three years before we had the thought of recording them in 2006.  That is why I called 2006 Season 1.  Eventually I will have the whole Bible up here.  Please give me some time, it is a very large project.

I have personally found in recovery that washing myself in the word of God daily and meditating on scripture can literally heal my mind.  I will also leave some real-life stories in George’s Comments as to how scripture has affected other’s lives.

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